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August 6th

I have made a Fan Club...hopefully you guys will join, and we can chat and have events and help Riley...For those of you who have AOL and want to join, please contact me through E-mail, The fan Club is called "RiLeYFaNcLuB" that way we can keep in touch and chat with other fans and discuss a number of ideas and questions we might have at the same time. Here's the Link to the Site RiLeYFaNcLuB...See you there!

June 3rd

I tried to Update the site as much as possible, I put up a New G Book for you guys to sign, My e-mail for you guys to contact me *sorry I didnt put it up before*, News, and Soon to come more Riley Pics!!~ and I'll be reopening the Message Board! Enjoy!.

March 29th

News Section Updated.

January 4th

New Layout, and a whole new beggining for "The One & Only 1st Unofficial Riley Smith Fan Site".