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Marion, Iowa...Riley's hometown, where he grew up on his family horse ranch and then developed a love for riding at a very early age. As Riley grew he became better and better with horses and by the age of 16 he had already won the "American Quarter-Horse youth World Championship"...later he became president of the 50,000 member association!!! (impressive huh?). Although Riley loved horses, in high school he excelled in Athletics and Theather. During his Senior year of high school, urged by friends, and some talent scouts he pursued a career in the modeling and entertainment world! Never to turn down a challenge, Riley moved to the "Big Apple" New York City. without a doubt Riley made quite an Impact!!! working for companies such as TOMMY HILFIGER, ARMANI, and PALZILERI, although this was a big thing Riley's "BIG" break came along when he found himself on the billboards in New York City's Time Square for his PACO SPORT campaign. Although modeling was lucrative, riley decided to follow his dream and focus more on his acting career, so he left to Hollywood, which would turn out to be a wise move!!! because just within Riley's arrival to Hollywood, Riley was cast in the television series of pilot "CENTRAL HIGH" and booked in several international commercials! He then went on to star in the Doug Liman, European short for "SPACE BOY" with Dominique Swain. Then shortly after that wrapped he began working as a host of the famous "AMERICAN TEEN VIDEO MAGAZINE".

Over the last year riley has not stopped working. He went on to star in the film "VOODO ACADEMY", he also played the starring role of "Michael lampson" in "Lover's Lane" and starred as "Josh Harding" in "WILD GRIZZLY" (Now Showing in HBO and AVAILABLE AT the BLOCKBUSTER VIDEO NEAREST YOU!!). Also this year (2001) Riley Played "Todd Shledinger" at McKinnley High School on the short lived NBC Comedy Series, "FREAKS & GEEKS", recently, he played the role of "Tyler Smith" on the highly acclaimed WB series "7th Heaven" and also as starring guest on this year NBC's series "HANG TIME","ONE WORLD", Warner Brothers "MOVIE STARS." and was a series regular on last season's WB Pilot "MINOR THREAT". As if it werent enough, Riley Smith has also cast this season as a regualr on the highly regarded WB pilot "Leanin Curve", and Disney's "MOTOCROSSED"...Riley has just finished filming "A NEW TEEN MOVIE" and has a re-occuring role on Gideons Crossing...also is filming a pilot for next season with PATRICK DEMPSEY and begins shooting a movie in MAY!!!... Had Enough yet????....well fasten your seatbelt's and grab some popcorn, cuz this babe aint done in the entertainment world!!!!!!!! WOOOOOHOOO!!!!